Let’s talk scraps (links below)…

Most of us (if not all) have that one area in our craft space that we store our ✌scraps✌. For you non-crafters, scraps are pieces of paper or vinyl that we save and use from previous projects, with hope that we can use them again in another project. Most of the time this happens.

Confession Time: It’s been a couple of years since I’ve gotten serious about crafting. I’ve been storing my scraps in a few drawers (the bigger ones) on my rolling cart. I noticed the other day, that my cart had been moving a bit sluggish and the scrap drawers were getting harder to open and close.

Something in my spirit told me to weigh all the scraps. So, I got out my postal scale and began weighing… I had nearly 19 lbs in scraps. This includes htv (heat transfer vinyl for you non-crafters) and sticky vinyl. There were a few sheets and rolls from brands I didn’t like and just left collecting dust, but mostly just scraps.

This was just too much (is too much ever too much to a crafter?) Something had to be done. I went through all the scraps. I made a keep and to-go pile. I would judge each scrap individually, and deem which one was worthy of staying. The to-go pile was then separated into a few boxes.

Now what to do with these scraps?

I use an app called Mercari to sell items like clothes, household items, and my old crafted samples. I did a search on the app to research if anyone else was out here selling scraps; how much and pounds. To my surprise, there were quite a few. Well, you know the saying, someone’s trash is another’s treasure. I took some pictures gave a brief description and posted 4 boxes.

Within hours, I sold 2 boxes. I cleared out space and got paid at the same time.

You know what that means? Back to the vinyl and crafting stores to buy more.

If you have a overabundance of scraps you are willing to part with (it’s hard I know, the first step is admitting that you do), try selling them. I use Mercari (I’ll place the link below), but there are other apps you can use like Let-go or the Facebook market place.

Let me know what you do when theres too many scraps. And, if you do end up clearing out and selling, what did you use to sell?

Note: The scraps that I deemed worthy were about 8lbs.

Sign up for Mercari and get $10 OFF your first purchase:


Welcome to Craftaholic Confessions!

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am your Crafty Confessor, Mece (for those trying to pronounce it’s Mee-ss), and this is a blog for all things Craft. A little about me:

  • SAHM (3 Kids, all girls, ranging from 1st grade to 11th, pray for me)
  • Wife (Great husband, bad crafter)
  • Small Biz Owner ( a little over 2 years now, selling my crafts)
  • Thrifter and thrifty (thank you Marie Kondo)
  • and have been diy and crafty before all mentioned above.

On this craft journey, you will see (and maybe learn) from my triumphant victories and my massive fails, and what worked and what didn’t work. I want to share what I know and have learned throughout the years and hopefully you can avoid my pitfalls. All from craft room setup disasters, to unfinished projects, to “When did I become a craft supply hoarder?”

This is also a opportunity for you to share and interact with me. If you know a better or easier way, please Confess. I wouldn’t know half the things I have learned if someone didn’t share with me. Confess your victories and massive fails. More than likely, we’ve all been there before. I am also launching a Private Facebook group soon, so that we can share our projects and crafts with one another. Comment, share, send messages, and Confess. All are encouraged.

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