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Ornament Tree

It’s officially Craftsmas Month! If your like me, then you’re in holiday crafts mode. This year I’ve decided to change the color scheme. I wanted something other than green and red this season. Of course, that means making (and buying) new decorations.

This is a quick (maybe not so quick) and easy decoration I like to make, the Ornament Tree. You can always buy one already made for $45-$100…but what fun is that? All you need is:

  • Styrofoam Cones ( any size you wish)
  • Garland
  • Ornaments (glass is ok, but I prefer plastic)
  • Glue gun
This is my color scheme this year.
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First, you want to start off glue gunning your garland to the cone. Please be careful when doing this, I cannot count the amount of burns I have given myself. Be sure to leave a little room in between the rows of garland.

You should have something that looks like this.

Next you want to start adding your ornament balls. I like to pull the tops off the ornaments, it makes it easier for placement. I then use the to of the ornament ball to make a indent into the cone so I know where I’m gluing. (This is why you leave a little space with the garland). Use the hot glue on the top of the ornament and push it into place on the styrofoam. You make need to hold it there for a minute or 2 (this is why is said maybe not so quick, depending on size of your tree and your glue).

I like to go around in a circle, alternating ornaments. This is easy for me, but feel free to add however you feel.

Once you get to the top, you can add a special ornament or one of the ones you are already using for your “Star”. I used one of the ones I was already using for this one.

Fluff out your garland if it became “trapped” by the ornaments.

And you are Finished!

Total cost for this project: $20

This one my 7 year old claimed for her Barbie Dreamhouse. So I just added a unicorn from Michaels, and some unicorn lights from The Dollar tree.
Previous year trees.

One quick note on storage for after the holidays (because who ever talks about storage).

I like to wrap these babies up in bubble wrap, and place them in a large tote bin. That way I’m not re-gluing next year. Also, it’s just a good idea in general, especially if you choose to use glass.

If you decide to make one or some, please feel free to share your trees with me.

Happy Craftsmas!

Mece xoxo

Materials Used

Garland from Michaels. All holiday materials are half off right now.

Ornaments from Hobby Lobby. This is the set of 50, which was plenty for me. All Holiday materials are half off.

Cone from Michaels (different sizes available and don’t forget to use a coupon!