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Last minute gifts…

If you’re like me, you are usually running behind. August (and December) are especially busy for me. With 3 kids in various grades, August can be a bit crazy. My youngest has a birthday mid month and school starts early here (1st week). My husband is a teacher, so really, it’s like 4 kids going back to school. Let’s not forget I run a handcraft business and blog.

With all this going on, I was asked to make a birthday gift for one of my husbands friends daughter. Well, I have a ton of these:

Mini backpacks from Michaels. Sidenote: I found out about these bags on sale from a crafting Facebook group I’m in.
Pom Poms Keychains from Dollar Tree

I use these items to make personalized backpacks for customers. The mini backpacks I purchased at Michaels last summer. The bags are made of canvas and are about 14 in tall. They were on sale while I was vacationing in Florida, so I just bought whatever I could carry. The Pom Poms I found at Dollar Tree, and I thought it would be a cute addition to the backpacks.

Note: I’m not sure if you can still purchase the Pom Poms at Dollar Tree, but I’ll put the item number down below if you feel like searching. The backpacks are not at Michaels anymore 😩 and I can’t find an alternative.

To get started, I asked my husband what his friends daughter liked. This could be anything since she’s 3. He said mermaids (really thought he was going to say unicorns).

Items Needed:

  • Mini Canvas Backpack (any kind you can find)
  • Htv (mine are from JSIsigns)
  • Mini iron (I use Dritz Petite Press)
  • Something to place inside the bag to press it (I use an old cardboard baby book)
  • Cricut Design Space (or whatever platform you use)
  • Butcher paper

Time to find a mermaid. Design Space has plenty, but I wanted something different. I searched my personal files and found this:

Mermaid File

Note: I’ve had a few people ask about this file, and honestly, I can’t remember where I got it from.

At the bottom of the mini backpack, when requested, I’ll add the child’s name. But since this is a gift, I decided to add something different:

Cricut Design Space Mermaid Squad #MBF76867

I also added some seashells to fill up the empty spaces:

Cricut Design Space Sea Shells #MB35CD30

Once you’ve got all that you want to add to your back pack, add it to your canvas (Cricut Design Space):

Cricut Design Space Canvas

I measure my backpack to determine the size needed. This needed about 4.5 in – 5 in for the top part with the mermaid. On the pocket, 4 inches were needed for the squad. This will obviously vary on your size and style of backpack.

I used all scrap vinyl for this.

I have a lot of scraps.

And I’m Glad.

I’ll link below where I buy my vinyl locally.

After cutting my images and weeding, here’s what I have:

Heat up your mini iron, and place something inside the backpack so you can have a even hard surface. Like I said earlier, I use a old cardboard baby book.

Arrange your weeded items on the backpack and start pressing.

Note: I set my press to 4 for glitter htv and 3 for regular htv.

Be sure to use the butcher paper to cover the images. I have personally messed up several times, pressing one image and slipped off to another image that was done, and melted it.

These are always fun to make. They are perfect for birthday gifts and back to school (for the little ones going to daycare or pre-k, although my 14 year old has one).

Let me know what you think and if you make one. I’d love to see your work.




Vinyl- https://jsisigns.com

Mini Iron- Dritz Petite Press https://bit.ly/2OQNPIx

Pom Pom Keychain- Item #262942 https://www.dollartree.com (out of stock online, but maybe your local store may have them)

Backpacks- Bought from Michaels, but no longer in stock. Try searching on Amazon

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