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Paint and Sip…Apple Juice

Hey Yall! Sorry it’s been a minute. I’ve been real busy with family and business, so blogging usually gets pushed to the wayside. I try to update on Instagram when I can, but you know…Life.

So, here we are.

It’s summer and with the kids at home, I need to keep them busy. They range in different ages (17, 14, and 6), so I need an activity they can all participate in.

I’ve been wanting to paint on canvas for quite some time now. It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a paintbrush, other than to paint furniture or picture frames. The kids love to help me with different projects and crafts that I’m working on, so this seems to be the perfect activity.

I headed to my local Michaels and picked up supplies, pack of canvas, paint from Folkart and craft smart, and paintbrushes.

We searched YouTube for a instructional video we could all do. I typed in paint and sip 😂 and searched from there. We came across 2 videos. Luau Pineapple from Plaid Crafts (which we all did) and Sunflower from Angela Anderson (I did on my own).

We started with the Luau Pineapple from Plaid Crafts. I cleared the table, poured them some apple juice, you know, for the “Sip” portion 😂. I set out their paper plate paint palettes (I’ll add that link to the bottom later), paintbrushes, and cups of water. I set up my iPad, so they could all see, and we got started.

It was easy to follow along and the girls had a fantastic time painting. It was fun to see their different visions of the same painting.

Luau Pineapple- Mine

Luau Pineapple- 17

Luau Pineapple- 14

The Miraculous Ladybug – 6

Note: The 6 year old had a completely different vision than the video. Hers was a painting of her current obsession, The Miraculous Ladybug.

The second round of painting was what I called freestyle painting. They could paint what they wanted or follow another YouTube. I chose another YouTube from Angela Anderson called “Sunflower”. Once again super easy to follow and I love how it came out.


They didn’t want me to share their masterpieces on Instagram, but they did say I can share here with you.

Im happy we were able to do this activity together. They really enjoyed themselves. They are already asking to do more and have taken up painting on their own. I’m extremely proud of them. What are some fun crafty summer activities you and your kiddos do? Let me know below.




YouTube Videos (video playlist, click the 3 dashed lines to see the other video)

Canvas                                                                                                                                            Artists Loft-

Acrylic Paint                                                                                                                                      Folkart-                                                                                                     Craft Smart-

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